Agent for glass and mirrors Anti-rain 250 ml
  • Agent for glass and mirrors Anti-rain 250 ml

Agent for glass and mirrors Anti-rain 250 ml

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A product for treating glass and transparent plastic elements, which gives the surfaces smoothness and water-repellent properties. It can be used for car glass, motorcycle helmets for glass processing, everyday transparent glass doors and windows.

Protects glass from water, dirt, insect traces, salt and bitumen, sticky buds and wood glue for the best view and safe movement. It can be used for transparent elements that do not have their own cleaning agents: headlights, taillights, helmet guards. At speeds above 80 km / h, wiper blades are not required - the water flow is distributed independently along the edges of the windscreen.


Does not leave stains and glare after treatment, eliminates the possibility of distortion. It forms a transparent film on surfaces that reduces the effects of dirt and sand abrasive particles, protecting parts from mechanical damage. It retains its properties for a long time up to three weeks, depending on the weather. Spray-shaped packaging facilitates easy application and economical consumption.

Application: clean the glass surface. Apply "Anti-rain" on the glass and treat the surface with a material that does not leave fibers. Wait 3 minutes. Carefully polish the glass with a paper towel or microfiber without leaving streaks. Do not touch the glass with your hands or use other chemicals during the day. After the first use, reapply the coating after 15 days for best results.

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