Leather Cleaner, prof. line 1 l
  • Leather Cleaner, prof. line 1 l

Leather Cleaner, prof. line 1 l

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Conditioning cream for cleansers made of any color of natural and artificial skin. Penetrates deep into the pores, cleaning the surface well. Gives shine, restores structure, moisturizes, protecting the skin from drying out and cracking. Protects the treated surface from ultraviolet radiation and premature aging. It has a pleasant aroma. Quickly absorbed without leaving streaks or stains. Suitable for natural and artificial skin. 


Method of use:

Shake the contents of the bottle. Try the product in an inconspicuous place, as some surfaces may change color. In this case, refrain from use. Apply the product to the surface using a sponge or soft cloth in a circular motion, rubbing it into the skin. Polished with a dry, soft cloth. For cleaning and restoring leather, furniture, interior items, shoes, bags. 

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