Liquid wax SW Super Wax 500ml
  • Liquid wax SW Super Wax 500ml

Liquid wax SW Super Wax 500ml

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Liquid wax SW "Super Wax" with a protective effect. Concentrated new generation product for long-term protection of the car surface after washing. Forms the thinnest protective film, which has a high water repellency, provides fast drying, creates an antistatic effect. Protects the treated surface from water, dirt, harmful reagents and other external factors for a long time. Provides a deep mirror shine. With regular use, it protects the paint from fading and cracking.


Application: 1. Wash the car with Active Safe (AS) or Hydro Shampoo (HS). 2. Spray the product on the surface and wait 2-3 minutes (mix the product in the ratio 1: 300-1: 500, for the foam set 1: 30-1: 50). 3. Polish the surface with clean microfiber.

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