Sanitary premises cleaning

Sanitary premises cleaning

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Astonish bathroom care product 750 ml
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Astonish bathroom care product 750 ml


Cleaning agent for full bathroom care. The product removes soap foam, water stains and limestone. Suitable for bathtubs (including acrylic and plastic), washbasins, faucets, coated ceramic tiles and shower heads. The product cleans bathroom surfaces, making them shiny without streaks. 

Dos Spray Professional- Spray against mold and fungus- 600ml


Grass Dos-Spray in the dispenser bottle with active chlorine is an effective of removing  molds and persistent stains from baths, sinks, toilets, pool walls, tiles, floors and other surfaces. Grass Dos Spray is suitable for use even in hard-to-reach places, corners, joints and joints, thanks to the easy-to-spray formula.

Gloss-Gel WC GEL professional - 750 ml


Gloss Gel Professional cleaning agent for bathrooms. It is used for cleaning bathtubs, showers, toilets, drains, floor coverings, plumbing fixtures, earthenware and tiles from limescale, scale, rust stains, soap stains and salt deposits.