Various surfaces cleaning

Various surfaces cleaning

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Antigraffiti Professional stain remover 600ml


Ready-to-use product for removing adhesive tape residues, marker stains, ink, oil products, spray paint, rubber, chewing gum residue, resin, graphite powder and soot, greasy, street and household dirt from glass, ceramics, stone, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal , various types of plastic, wood and other surfaces. Does not damage paint and varnish surfaces. Dissolves the adhesive backing of labels, stickers. No pungent odor. For professional use.

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Final Polish effective metal care product 600 ml


Grass Final Polish is an effective metal care product. Designed for polishing, cleaning and polishing stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, as well as nickel and chrome surfaces. Removes light oil and grease stains, fingerprints, water stains. Restores the appearance of surfaces. Used for external surface treatment.

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Leather Cleaner leather cleaning conditioner 600 ml


Cleaner-conditioner for cleaning natural and artificial leather products. Deeply penetrates the pores, cleaning the surface well. Gives shine, restores structure. Moisturizes, protecting the skin from drying out and cracking. Protects the treated surface against ultraviolet rays and premature aging. With a pleasant aroma.

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Odor neutralizer Smell Block 600 ml


SMELL BLOCK - unpleasant odor blocker. The product blocks the smell of mold and tobacco, the smell of fire, the unpleasant smell of animals. Smell Block should be sprayed directly on the surface. The product has a natural and pleasant smell.

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TORUS furniture cleaner with a shine effect 600 ml


Torus special product is intended for restoration of wooden surfaces and preservation of natural appearance. Cleans from dust, stains, has an antistatic effect. Thanks to avocado oil, it protects furniture and gives it shine. Allows to improve the appearance of furniture, hides minor damage.

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Universal Cleaner Professional 600ml


Professional wide range cleaning agent. Effectively removes various dirt from waterproof surfaces: linoleum, polymer coatings, ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet, wood, stainless steel, glass, as well as fabric and leather products, without damaging the fabric fibers. 

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UNIVERSAL CLEANER universal cleaner for various surfaces 600 ml


Universal cleaner for various surfaces Effectively removes dirt from waterproof surfaces: linoleum, polymer coatings, ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet, wood, stainless steel, glass surfaces, leather and fabric products without damaging the material fibers. An effective agent for regular cleaning, also suitable for very dirty items. Does not leave scraps of water. Eliminates unpleasant odors.

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Wet wipes spectacle glass cleaning 52 pcs.


Antistatic wet wipes for cleaning the surface of spectacles, which do not leave scratches. Wipes degrease, effectively and gently clean the spectacle lenses, without removing fibers and preventing rapid fogging. 

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