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Kitchen cleaning

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Astonish kitchen cleaner 750 ml


Citrus aroma cleaner for cleaning all kitchen surfaces. With a concentrated degreasing formula, the product quickly and easily removes stubborn grease stains and dirt, leaving the surface shiny clean. The product cleans kitchen surfaces, making them shiny and hygienically clean. 

Azelit kitchen cleaner 600ml


Azelit kitchen cleaner. Cleanser for grease, burns from frying pans, cooking ranges, multifunctional pans, grills, fryers, ovens and microwaves. Contains active fat-breaking ingredients to help deliver faster results with less effort.

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Dos Spray Professional- Spray against mold and fungus- 600ml


Grass Dos-Spray in the dispenser bottle with active chlorine is an effective of removing  molds and persistent stains from baths, sinks, toilets, pool walls, tiles, floors and other surfaces. Grass Dos Spray is suitable for use even in hard-to-reach places, corners, joints and joints, thanks to the easy-to-spray formula.

Grill Professional kitchen cleaner- 600ml


Highly effective alkaline agent for cleaning combined steam, ovens, grills, stoves, deep fryers, baking equipment and dishes, ovens, cooker hoods from food residues and organic contaminants: carbon sludge, grease, soot and burnt food. The product is intended for use on enameled, chrome-plated surfaces, glass products, stainless steel, cast iron, faience, porcelain.

SIDELIT a universal cleaner with micro-granules 500ml


SIDELIT - a universal cleaner with micro-granules. Easily removes grease, removes odors. Cleanser for kitchen and bathroom with whitening effect. Ideal for cleaning the kitchen stove, bath, sink and plumbing. Gently removes even the toughest dirt from various surfaces without scratching it. Easily copes with grease, burns, rust, soap deposits and limestone.